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Choose your Booking & Payment Method

Why you should choose this button?

This is the most common method for paying for your booking using our Bookeo booking system and Authorize.net payment gateway.

The person who books these tickets, pays for all the tickets booked.

This allows you to also book a complete room and get a discount in the process by making it a private event.

Promo codes can also be used using this method of booking directly with us and you will not pay any additional convenience fees.

Why you should choose this button?

This is another method for paying for your booking using the Yomigo booking system for games starting more than 24 Hours ahead.

This is great for the group organizer who wants to book the event for themselves and their friends and have them all pay for their own tickets.
Please note that the organizer will be responsible for any unpaid tickets.

This allows you to book as many tickets as you want but just pay for your own, the rest of the group will get an email with a link asking them to pay directly. You as the organizer will be notified each time one of your friends pays for their ticket.

Please note that Yomigo will charge each person an addition small convenience fee for using this service. Escape Expert will only receive the normal ticket price from this Yomigo payment service.

About Escape Expert

Escape Expert LLC was founded in 2014 in Dallas TX and started up as the first Multi-Room Escape Room business in the DFW area. With 6 escape rooms, this made us the "Largest Escape Room in Texas" But in December 2015 we were closed down along with 3 other Dallas escape room businesses for not being issued the correct occupancy certificate. We reopened 5 months later in the City of Plano TX. They were very accommodating and we re-opened our new facility in May 2016 with 10,500 Sq Ft, and now have 10 Escape Rooms including 2 x twin competition rooms and 8 different themes along with large corporate facilities, this made us the  "Largest Escape Room in America" during 2016-2017, however, another couple of escape businesses took that title in 2018, but we are still the "Largest Escape Room in Texas" which is all that matters ;o)

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