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2201 K Avenue, Suite A-200, Plano, TX 75074
Tel: (469) 249-8588

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Escape Expert LLC was founded in 2014 in Dallas TX and started up as the first Multi-Room Escape Room business in the DFW area. With 6 escape rooms, this made us the "Largest Escape Room in Texas" But in December 2015 we were closed down along with 3 other Dallas escape room businesses for not having the correct occupancy certificate. After meetings with the City of Dallas we were at an impasse and unable to re-open in Dallas county without being subjected to ridiculous rules. So we spent 3 months searching for our new home and we found it in Plano TX. We re-opened our new facility in May 2016 with 10,500 Sq Ft, 9 Escape Rooms including 2 x twin competition rooms and 7 different themes and large corporate facilities, this now made us the "Largest Escape Room in America".

Address: 2201 K Avenue, Suite A-200, Plano, TX 75074

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