Our Escape Rooms

Our rooms at Escape Expert have been professionally put together and are unique.  We design and build each room with team-building in mind.  If you don't work as a team, you will likely fail to escape.

Secret Vault

Your uncle dies under suspicious circumstances, you wind up locked inside his secret vault, you only have 60 minutes of oxygen remaining. Escape to prove the butler did it

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Secret Vault Escape Rate45%

Attic Society (Chapter 1): The Initiation

Note: We have two of these rooms

Your grandfather left you a letter and a key, the letter tells you he was a member of a very secret society, he has set up an initiation test in his attic to see if you have what it takes to be able to join.

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Attic Society Chapter 1: Escape Rate40%

Chase Case

The US Government has tasked you to recover a very important artifact that has been stolen by an international thief and will be sold on the black market unless you recover it.

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Escape Rate (Chase Case)25%

Attic Society (Chapter 2): The Founders

Note: We have two of these rooms

Being a member of the Attic Society, you now have to find out about the founders of the Secret Society, but in doing so you also find out about a faction that is trying to prevent you from progressing.

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Escape Rate (Attic Society Chapter 2)20%

Pirate Captives (Open Now!)

Blimey! Your ship has been taken captive and you end up locked in the hold! Your pirate captors will let you become part of the crew… if you prove yourself and solve your way out. Try to cheat or don’t make it out in time and you’ll walk the plank, matey. 

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Holding Cell

Every two years the governing power selects a few lucky souls to participate in the Holding Cell Test. Pass the test and you gain entry to the inner city of Arcadia.

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Pirate Captives Escape Rate: Your choice
10%, 25% or 50%
Escape Rate (Holding Cell)35%

11th Hour Escape, our sister company, has rooms open on weekdays.

Fallout Shelter

Your find yourself locked in a fallout shelter, you find supplies but that's where the good news ends. You've discovered a problem with the ventilation system and you must escape in 60 minutes before you run out of air to breathe. This link will take you to 11th Hour Escape, our sister company. Open weekdays 12p-10p.

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The Upside Down

Your friend, Will, has gone missing and the authorities are getting nowhere with the case. You decide to break in to his mom's house to see if you can save will before the demogorgon eats you all! This link will take you to 11th Hour Escape, our sister company. Open weekdays 12p-10p.

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Fallout Shelter Escape Rate: Your choice
10%, 25% or 50%
The Upside Down Escape Rate: Your choice
10%, 25% or 50%

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